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The basic services of this site are free and provide the following benefits:

  • Recruiter Review: Interested in offshore oil rig employment? Post your resumé, CV or work history in our online registration / application form to be seen by recruiters searching for personnel with your background, capabilities, skills, education, etc. If you need additional assistance in completing your registration / application, see the instruction page.

  • Perodic Newsletters: From time to time we send out newsletters concerning the latest hiring trends, what companies are hiring for what positions and recently posted HOT JOB VACANCIES. We also send encouraging stories from people working in the industry along with "How I Got Hired" reports from both entry level and prior experienced personnel.

  • Real Human Contact: This is not an automated or robot driven site. If you have questions, real humans are available to assist you.

Professional Services:

  • The paid part of the site is for those who want to take a more pro active approach by adding a "professional touch"  to their job search.
  • These services are reasonably priced and have a track record of getting results.
  • All services offer no nonsense guarantees.
  • If you are in dire financial straights, let us know. We have a limited amount of work assistance grants for some of our paid services.

Once you have posted your information, your application will be reviewed. Once reviewed, you will be made either ACTIVE (available for employer review) or put on HOLD (not available for employer review).

  • ACTIVE members get calls from employers, interviews, jobs and full access to all the valuable resources of this site. It is our goal for EVERYONE to be on ACTIVE status. If you want to be ACTIVE, make sure your registration / application is COMPLETE. The basic / simple requirement for completion is having a POSTED resumé, CV or some type of work history.

  • HOLD members DO NOT HAVE a POSTED resumé, CV or some type of work history. HOLD members will get irritating emails from us asking them to comply with reasonable and simple instructions.

  • Even if you decide not to use any of the services of this site, you will have to have either a resumé or CV if you are going to use the internet to apply for offshore oil rig or maritime jobs (or any other jobs for that matter).


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