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Don't learn these facts the hard way:

  • You will not get a second chance to make a good first impression.

  • It is in your best interests to get it right the first time!

You could very well be the most qualified person for the job, with the best work record, highest education, the most talent and the sharpest problem solving skills. No doubt you are determined in your resolve to earn your pay and do a good job. To get an offshore oil rig job, you have to do one thing; convince a recruiter to call you in above all others.

What is your game plan to make this happen?

  • Your years of experience?
  • Your education?
  • Your charm and personality?
  • Your loyalty? Dedication?
  • The worst resumés we've seen came from people with years of education.
  • People with tons of valuable work experience get bogged down in the technical aspects of their jobs. They tend to ramble on and never answer the 2 questions all employers want to know from the start: "What can you do for this company and why should I hire you?"
  • Some of you will not even get your foot in the door because you come across as being timid, shy and not having confidence in yourself OR you present yourself as the complete opposite - a know it all.
  • More than likely you are qualified, experienced, highly competent, intelligent, quite capable and enthusiastic about getting the most demanding of jobs done. All you need is the right direction to go in and a chance to prove your self...

Here is a cold hard fact I've discovered over my many years of reading thousands of offshore oil rig job resumés, written by all types of people, from all walks of life, with all types of experience, qualifications and varying degrees of education:


More likely than not this includes you. Regardless of your education, experience, personal background, dedication, how organized you are, how hard you work or what a great person you are, the odds are stacked against you when it comes to SELLING yourself using the written word and the internet.


There are two tasks which much be successfully accomplished here. Slack in either will shut you down.

  • What you write
  • How you send it

We have already discussed the fact that most people do not possess good writing skills. That's only one part of the problem. The other is delivery.

How do you know what you send out is even being opened? How much of a shocker would it be for you to discover the dozens or even hundreds of resumés or CV's you spent numerous hours and $$ to send out never got opened?


Once you are sure your resumé is a winner in the written part the next hurdle you will face is how you send it out. The online electronic delivery process can cause a great deal of grief to the unwary job seeker.

The spam / virus threat is a real and present danger to any business using the internet. Because of this, many companies have standing policies not to open attachments (which is what most job seekers use) under any conditions.  

It very well could be the resumé or CV you have faithfully been sending out might not be getting the exposure you think it is getting. Not all computers are the same and not all software works the same. Two major concerns which could prevent your resumé from being read are the attachment filters and opening problems.

Here are letters from surprised offshore / maritime job seekers who found out the hard way why they were not getting any job offers:


I sincerely appreciate you reviewing my resumé and letting me know about the problem opening it. That would explain why I have not had any contact with any offshore oil rig job recruiters in the last two months.

Scott James
Pensacola, FL

Captain Ron,

My husband has been looking for offshore employment for the past 10 months. At every chance we got we sent out applications with the resumé as a word doc attachment. We very rarely got a reply. You can imagine our amazement when you told us the attachment did not open correctly! Most of the resumés we sent out, 100 plus of them, were sent to the recycle bin and we did not even know it!

We now use your online resumé and yes we have had replies, not robot mail, but actual job offers! Thank you Ron for all of your help. Your online resumé really works, and it is nice to know they open every time all the time and don't end up in the trash.

Well it has finally happened. Paul got a job as a Driller in Oman with Nabors. Yes we sent them your web resumé a few months ago. They rang in January and offered him a driller's position and he flew out there last week.

Lisa Masters

Don't let this happen to you!

These days it is tougher than ever to get an offshore oil rig job, which is exactly why this is so important:

  • If you have prior offshore or maritime experience, there is no reason for you not to be working at the job of your choice and in the salary range you want.

  • For you new starts with no previous experience - the jobs are out there. If you are not working it is not due to a lack of jobs.

I do hope I have opened your eyes as to the tremendous advantage that using a professionally written web resumé provides. If you are not happy with the number of job offers you are getting from your job search, STOP what you are doing let us have a look at your resumé before any more damage is done. It does no good to kick a dead horse.

Creating a winning resumé involves more than going to Office Depot, Office Max, etc., or some online website and buying resumé building software. Good, effective resumés are not built, they are created. For best results they need to be written by a person. Nothing will out perform a professionally resumé written specifically for you by a real human person.

Employers give higher ratings to applicants who use professionally written resumés!

Professional Web Resumés Get the Best Results!
(here is a partial listing of our clients)

Hello Ron,
I was so exited when I received my first draft, I thought I would send it out to a few companies and see what happened. Today I got a call from Transocean. They want me to come in for an interview.

Thanks again for your help,
Justin Harrison
Houston, TX

Greetings Capt'n.,
How are you doing good I hope? Your resumé did the trick!

Diamond Offshore called. They want me in Houston as soon as I can get there. Got any pointers for the Interview?

Thomas Dennis
Charleston, SC

It makes good sense to hire us to write your resumé!

  • We have years of experience in writing winning resumés for offshore, maritime and oil rig job personnel from
    all over the world.
  • We write excellent resumés for entry level and experienced alike.
  • Selling yourself to employers using a computer and the internet is not easy - which is why you should hire us - we produce excellent results.
  • Our professional resumé will get you more and better job offers than the one you are now using - guaranteed or we will rewrite it for FREE!
  • Give yourself a break and turn this stress generating task over to our professional writing staff.

Order the Web Resumé of your choice TODAY and we will have a rough draft ready for you within 48 hours!



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