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Here is a startling revelation:

Whether you are a newbie on the web or an old timer, you know what SPAM is. Companies go to great lengths and expense to cut down on this worrisome electronic nuisance.

For this reason it is very important to understand the different ways resumés are sent over the web. By far the most widely used method is to send it as an attachment, usually a word.doc attachment. However, attachments don't always get accepted on the other end and here's why:

The online virus and SPAM threats are real and ever present problems. Because of this, many employers have initiated policies NOT to open attachments. Most people are not aware of this until they read it here. Below are some examples of letters offshore job seekers (who sent attachments) received.

Offshore oil rig job recruiters are not required to let you know your resumé did not open or that it was blocked by a SPAM filter

Example 1: "As a security measure our system cannot receive executable files, word attachments, programs, audio or video clips. Since your mail contains an attachment of one of the above types, it has been intercepted and not delivered."
Example 2: "Your EMail with the subject 'Resumé Document', contains a file attachment of type '[.doc]'. Our organization does not accept files of this type by email. The message has NOT been delivered to the recipients."
Example 3: "Sorry, but a message filter removed the following attachment(s) "resume.doc" from this message".

Because they open every time all the time, I exclusively promote the use of web resumés when applying for offshore oil rig jobs. A web resumé will not get blocked by a filter like attachments do. A web resumé will open doors that otherwise would have been closed to you. Industry statistics point out that many qualified people using the internet to find offshore employment send attachments only and then wonder why they get few job offers (or no offers at all).

Every day people who are seeking offshore oil rig jobs are dumbfounded as to why they are not hearing from anyone. As you will later see, a well written web resumé is an impressive document indeed! Using a professionally written web resumé will put you ahead of the competition. They open ALL THE TIME - EVERY TIME.

Consider this Also:

When you view your resumé it looks fine. When you send it to a trusted friend or family member so they can have a look, it looks fine. If you have the experience but are not getting any offers you might be sending something which ends up opening  like
this or this?

The first resumé came from an offshore crane operator and the second from a maritime engineer. Both have many years of offshore experience and are in great demand. Scroll down either resumé and you can pick it out. Guess what? These will be going straight in the trash.

Don't let this happen to you!

Order the Web Resumé of your choice TODAY and we will have a rough draft ready for you within 48 hours!

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