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Offshore Guides was established in 1976, went online in 1996 and has been running an often bumpy but never the less true course ever since. You won't get a lot of BS here. You will find good, solid information you can use to make informed, intelligent decisions.

E-mail is answered in a timely, polite and helpful manner. You should expect this of any site, regardless of who they are or their size. It is not an unreasonable request.

Phone calls are returned.

Letters about this site...

Ron Thanks for following up

I did some contract work in South Africa and Angola through an agency, for Pride International. Pride has in the meantime contacted me and asked if I want to work for them direct.

So since May 2003 I have worked for Pride International on the new Kizomba A that is still under construction in Holland. The Kizomba A is a TLP from Exxon Mobil that will operate in Angola block 15. This is quite a big TLP, it has provision for 36 well heads, and Exxon Mobil expects 250,000 barrels of oil per day in full operation. We should start drilling by the end of December if every thing goes well.

Well that's it from me, and thanks again for a good website. If it wasn't for your website I would probably still be looking for work. Me and a friend of mine that I met on the rigs done both the same thing, we walked up to a rig that was standing in Cape Town harbor and we said to the OIM that we want to work on the rig, in our relevant jobs, and we got it! (read chapter 14)

Pepe K
Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA

Dear Captain Ron,

Many, many thanks for all the help you are providing me (us) with. God help you in your endeavors.

My name is Miu Alexandru Iulian, I am from Romania and I have just updated my Resume on your site. Hopefully it will be O.K. to be turned Active.

I am trying not to be desperate knowing that with such an attitude someone won�t be able to pick neither a decent girl but a job in the Oil Industry. It is quite hard, thou, when you are about to change your last hundred dollars. It�s quite a sensation....).

Anyway, thank you very much for all the excellent information that I could find on your site (I think it is a unique project-and I like your sense of humor), especially for 23 Chapter (�Scams and Frauds�). 

In this matter I should say that I tried to reason with the people from,  even offered them a deal that none would have turned down if they were legit. No response. I didn�t pay them a cent because I had none but even if I had the money $$ I would not pay that band of thieves.

Thank you very much for your time and patience and lots chances in everything you do.

Best regards,
Miu A

Hi Cpt. Ron,

I wanted to drop you a line just to tell you that your site has already helped me out a lot in my search for a new job. My app. is still pending in your site; I know you guys must be busy, I've talked to some of the people that I work with and quite a few are looking for a new line of work also.

We have gotten word that the Black & Decker plant we work at is going to stop production within the next couple of years. This move will kill off most of the skilled labor force there. Some of these guys have worked out on rigs before and are willing to do it again.

We all send our thanks to you for having started this site and giving us a leg up on getting into the industry.

Thank you for your time,
Victor C
Fayetteville, NC, USA

Dear Ron,

I did received a few offers (during the war in Iraq) from some oil companies, but I did not answered. Since november 19th I work in an private company in Subotica and I am satisfied here. For me, for now, offshore jobs are on second place. Thank you for your interest for me.

Merkovic V


Jason does not have any access to this e-mail address. I am his ex wife, and I sent you a message a few weeks or so ago in regard to this. Please delete this e-mail address from your list.

Thank you,

Dear Ron,

I am mohammed mumtaz ali from india, thanks for your reply cause wants money from me and now i not give it to them. Your site is free it is happy for poor people like me.

Thanks a lot,
Hyderabad, INDIA

Dear Captain Ron:

I am interested in a beginning a new career in Offshore Oil Exploration and Production. I have reviewed your website and nearly two dozen others devoted to careers in Offshore oil field work. Yours seems to me to be the best. I hope that you can offer me some advice about how to get started in this field from nearly zero experience.

So that you have some Idea of where I am coming from, I will tell you a little bit about myself. I am 38 years old, 6'1", 180 lbs, physically fit. I have zero debt, some savings and other assets. I do not drink or smoke, have no criminal record and I am not actively religious.

I am an outdoorsmen - I have canoed more than 1000 wilderness miles solo; climbed New England's highest peaks in winter and summer; hiked in the Sierras, in the Desert Southwest, Thailand, Burma, China and Indonesia; I have bicycled across the Pyrenees from France to Spain. I am training to run a Marathon at the end of May. I love to fly fish (fresh and salt water) and I am pretty good duck hunter.

I was divorced 18 months ago and was devastated by that process. Until the time of my divorce I was a corporate finance professional. I have a BA in Political Science and an MBA in international management. My last two jobs were as Chief Financial Officer for small businesses; before that I was a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley where I held Series 7, 31, 63, 65 securities licenses and was also licensed to sell life accident and health insurance.

As a result of summer jobs in the Coal Fields of Eastern Kentucky, I have some experience operating heavy equipment including CAT D8 bulldozers, CAT 992B and 988 End Loaders, Euclid 50 ton rock trucks and Joy Core Drills. I love to work with my hands especially on cars. I'd say I am an amateur mechanic - I have rebuilt internal combustion engines.

My last auto project was the rolling restoration a Porsche 914 - I did brakes, suspension, steering, lighting and exhaust and hundreds of small electrical and mechanical repairs by myself with the aid of a Haynes Manual and simple hand tools.

Although it is no longer current, I once earned a private pilot's license for single engine land and logged nearly 300 hours in various single and multi-engine aircraft. In short, I am fit, not tied down, live for rugged physical challenges, am mechanically adept and I don't want to work in an office.

So here come the questions.

1) Would you recommend taking a course to earn basic credentials that would make me employable offshore? If so which schools would you suggest?

2) Are entry level jobs found online, or is it about going to the ports where rig crews are based (Louisiana, Texas) and knocking on doors?

3) What sort of time frame is realistic for moving from floor-hand to assistant driller/pusher?

4) Am I correct in thinking that the Gulf of Mexico is the place to start even though I would really like to end up in Africa, South America, Middle East, Asia or Oceania?

5) Am I insane to think that I can transition to a career in offshore E&P at this point in my life given my near total lack of experience?

I thank you for taking the time to read this note and look forward to your answers.

Greg P
Monkton, VT, USA

Dear Captain Ron.

I would like to start by saying how impressed I am with your website, its clear to see that you've spend many hours in creating it with so much information and photos, I haven't seen such a good site in a long time.

Please allow me to take up five minutes of your precious time to introduce myself. I am a married man with 2 children, I've been working on the gold mines (as an electrician) from 1983 to 1999 (when I was retrenched) I had my own electrical business from 1999 to June 2002 (closed down) and since then I've been unemployed.

In the almost 8 months that I've been seeking a job, I contacted so many employment agencies, all of them asking their own fees, and once you've paid the fee you don't hear from them again.

I am aware of the fact that you are not a Direct Hire Employer, but you saved me money, being so desperate I was going to send money, but I read your article about them and realize I would have lost it all.

I downloaded my CV on your website. I also know other people which are interested to download their CV, but they don't have their own E-mail address, they would like to work through me. But I've notice that your site only allow a e-mail address to be used once, how would I then put their CV's on.

Do you have anybody in South Africa who recruiter people for you and forward their CV's to you, if not I would like to ask your permission to distribute your book and recruiter potential job seekers and forward their CV's to you.

How or where do the employers interview successful applicants? Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Cobus K

cpt ron,

great to know you are there just to affect lives positively...thanks for the info regarding, i have decided to drop them like hot cake cuz i cant afford to toil with my time and money. Thanks again!! 

cpt ron, i will be sending u my resume by monday so my application can be active. please captain am really desperate for a job in the oil and gas i have a chance in getting one as early as in 2 months?...i shall always keep in touch thanks again for ur time and attention.

best regards, 
stanley j
Lagos State, NIGERIA

Hello Cpt.Ron,

Its so nice to know that there are still thoughtful and goodwill people like you in the engineering sector. I just stumbled into your website a while ago and was amazed at the very informative nature of you present. As i browsed through i felt like you where just in front of me and we where discussing offshore / oilfield / maritime jobs over a cup of tea. Thanks for the way and manner with which you portrayed on / offshore jobs, it was very appealing!!

Actually i am based in Nigeria and have been trying to secure an offshore job in canada since last august through an employment agency, which you didnt mention at your site, they have asked me to pay approximately $1200 to be able to get a guaranteed on / offshore job within 3 months from my date of pay. I have still not been able to raise that money, and am scared that if i eventually do i may not get the job or my money back. Please advise me on what to do. 

The agency's site is Please how do i get your help in writing my resume, so i can submit to ur data base? My registration is still pending because of that. Please am expecting your reply as soon as possible

thank you and God bless,
Stanley J
Lagos State, NIGERIA

I went through a placement agency. I'm currently interviewing for potential employment with some good companies. Your site is very helpful as well. I was contacted by an HR representative with Abdon Callais Offshore, but it didn't work out. I'll contact you when I get employed by a company. I'm feeling very hopeful that I will find employment soon.

Thanks again,
Tom H
Columbus, MS, USA

I was only hours away from ordering a "professional package." on Thanks to the information on your website I saved approximately 1000 Australian dollars. You might like to notify people who are about to use of the following.

1. The address and phone number given on the website appears to be bogus. The address and phone number is in Edmonton, Alberta. HOWEVER: When the Australian operator dialed the number for me it did not go to Alberta, Canada but rather it went to a number located in Illinois, USA.

2. When I called Canadian Directory assistance they could not find any name relating to Oil Career Placement Services.

3. Although trying to call the number on the website REPEATEDLY all I got was the answering machine.

4. Matt.H. sent me an e-mail saying to "contact him through e-mail and not by phone as he did not want to spend money on an overseas phone call." Once again Ron I cannot thank you enough and instead am considering using your services. Hope to be in contact with you soon. Thank you very much

Nathan W


I just wanted to holler at you and tell you again how much I appreciate you and this website. Its damn hard to find anything out about this business if you don't know anyone in it. Folks like you make it a whole lot easier. Thanks again I really appreciate your help!

Tye L

Dear Capaian Ron

Thanks for your support. I would like to extend my greatest appreciation for all that you are doing.

Neil B

Dear Ron

You are a great man. I am sure the type of letter you sent me is standard and that it is automatically generated by computer but what the heck, it is good and whilst others may laugh you went the extra mile.

No doubt you have experienced the fact that there is no traffic jam on the extra mile. Well done.

Now about myself? I am still obtaining part time work which I am not happy with but I take what I can get as I require the money and I wish to stay switched full on.

Again thank you, if we can be of service to each other that would be fantastic but again your e-mail has has given me that extra bit of stimulation.

Reg B

G'day Ron

Thanks for all the helpful tips. Websites like yours are a great way to find out what is happening around the place. This is the first time I've looked at finding work outside of Australia, and not having much of a clue about what is happening, sites like yours are a great starting place.

All the best to you and take it easy.

Danny L

Dear Capt. Ron,

First of all I want to thank you for having a site like this set up. It really helps out people such as myself who are looking to get into this industry without having to purchase an expensive guide. I understand the difficulty I face being from out of country and with no experience, but I will not let it defeat me. I am a very determined and capable young man.

Again I thank you for your time and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to better my chances.

Ryan J

Dear Captain Ron

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help thus far. It is great to have someone like yourself who goes the extra mile to help others, especially people that you have never met. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
Morris R

Dear Captain Ron,

I recently purchased your offshore guides handbook (ref7590968) and found it very informative and helpful. I am 23 and have been looking for a job in the offshore industry for about a year since I qualified as a plumber , but have been unsuccessful.

I know I can handle the stresses and hardships of the offshore industry but as you well know finding work in offshore / oilfield / maritime jobs is often more trying than the work itself! I have spent over a hundred hours on the internet searching through sites and after being ripped off to the tune off 400 dollars I was not a happy camper.

You are the first honest person I have encountered on the net and I would like to know if you knew of any one who could get me any entry level position on board a rig be it a cleaner, galley-hand, painter br hand anything anywhere. This is all I have ever wanted to do.

I realize nothing is for free , but as I am looking at a long term career I would be more than willing to pay for your time and services. My current job in South Africa does not pay much but I could offer you $ 300 on the day I receive a firm job offer and my first hitchs wages straight into your bank account (if that is possible).

I don�t want to rip you off and I feel that it is a small price to pay for your obviously considerable knowledge of the industry. I am an honest hard working person and I promise you I will pay you. I am starting to feel like this is my last chance in this field of employers devoid of names and faces.

Yours Truly,
Jamey  M 


Thanks for the letter. Yes I am very pleased with the way your service is put together. I haven't had any response yet but I'm still hanging in there. no complaint's.


Greetings from Deutschland, Captain Ron!!

I must admit it that it is a bit interesting hearing from you. I would also like to congratulate you on designing a website that basically tells it like it is concerning the offshore oil industry- it certainly is not for everyone. Thanks for any help that you can offer.

Ty B

Dear Captain Ron;

I came across your web site last week. I find it somewhat a bit humorous that you are doing this on a part-time hobby basis. Your site is one of the most informative and easy to follow sites that I have come across, (and �well there have been many in the last few months!!)

What I find funny about it is the you are doing what a number large corporations are putting efforts in to do and you are doing it better!

Any how, I just wanted to write you a little note and mention that your site already has helped me � I do hope it will further help me change this inexperienced engineer to an engineer whose is on the road to getting that invaluable experience � to find his first offshore job.

I would just like to say what you are doing is quite commendable.

Thanks Captain Ron for your help. Do take care and well, if you happen to see anyone who requires a hard working entry level engineer please let me know!! Thanks again and take care.

Steve H 

Hey Ron, I appreciate your website and it has helped me a lot. Actually I'm working in the communication field now as a tower climber, putting in antennas and performing inspections, etc.

Paul Oyler

Greetings from Deutschland, Captain Ron!!

I must admit it that it was a bit interesting hearing from you. Concerning this IMAX situation, is it better for you to correspond or should I? I think that it would be interesting to see how they put this together. Let me know what you think is the best path.

I would also like to ask you if could steer me in the right direction of trying to find offshore dive companies in Europe. Right now there is no work to be found here in Germany. I have spoken to several companies and also have a few connections, but as I said there is just no work.

I would also like to congratulate you on designing a website tha basically tells it like it is concerning the offshore oil industry, it certainly is not for everyone. Thanks for any help that you can offer.

Ty B

Hello Ron,

Thank you for having such an excellent site, I could not stop going through it! The info you provide is sincere and I thank you for it.

Eugene V
Silver Springs, MD, USA

Cpt. Ron,

First off, WHAT A GREAT SITE! I have posted a resume and it is available for viewing, so I am not sure what might have gone wrong.... please let me know if I have somehow messed up.

I cut and pasted the HTML into that box, and when I ask to view my resume, it pops right up! Perhaps I missed a step. Thanks again for a great site!


thank you for the help that you are providing for is very much appreciated and greatly accepted.

My main goal is to become a part of the drilling crew, can you suggest a training school that offers excellent training. Would obtaining this training or obtaining roughneck training improve my chances of employment out of country.??

As you can see i am working very hard at trying to get on  an offshore rig, and since i live in canada it's a little harder to get the contacts that i need. once again you have been more than helpful.

darrin c

Thank You for your reply, it's nice to know we have Pro's like you out there willing to share your valuable knowlege with everyone else. We need more people like you to guarantee a strong and dedicated workforce.

Thank You again,
Penny S

Hi Ron,

I'm glad to be part of Offshore Guides, so far you are the only one who has given me any help on this situation!

So far I've sent out five resumes to the big drilling contractors in Houston. No reply yet. They are advertising for Rig Electricians but it seems they are not hiring many????

Do you think it is worth my while to go to Houston in May, take the SCR course with Ross Hill Controls (costs $1000.00) and then visit some of the drilling contractors at that time???

Or should I just keep on sending resumes? Or maybe try to get in as a roughneck? What do you think???

Kevin S

Dear Capt Ron,

Please activate my resume which you have so wonderfully made. Now I am looking forward to a good sea job. I will follow all your advice for which I request you to monitor my efforts.

Any changes in the resume etc., we will make together with your advice as the things would develop. Do advise me the next step now.

Capt T

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your comments, insight, and advice. I most definitely agree with you. Also, I realized that I did not share my objective with you, which is to learn this business from the ground up, starting as a roustabout. My long term goal is in operations management, however, I must learn all facets of this business first, to be a good and effective leader. This will take time and sacrifice.

In response to your questions: a) I do not remember the months over the last 19 years, I'm lucky to remember what I did last week! b) All my experience is with the Kellogg Company. c) The two most recent positions were in Memphis, TN, and the balance were in Battle Creek, MI.

Please let me know if there is anything else that you need. If you don't get a chance to make the updates prior to leaving for the patch don't worry about it, I can do it.

Note, I very much appreciated your insight and advice (telling me like it is) - I respect that! Once again, I look forward to this new and exciting opportunity. Have a good one - eh

Paul S
Collierville, TN, USA

Dear Capt. Ron:

I am a. registered entry-level offshore jobseeker with you and my resume is on ACTIVE status.

I am impressed a lot after visiting the website. The way every thing has been put is excellent. The site clearly reflects your sincere efforts and dedication to help out jobseekers in a selflessness way, which is not evident in none of the other sites I have visited.

I have an enquiry for which may I request you to take some of your precious time out and give your valuable remarks on that.

As is mentioned in my resume, I am an aircraft mechanic with prior 15-years' military experience (Indian Navy) in mechanical (airframe and engine) branch. Now, being a foreign national and not having visa to work in US how things are going to get started in my case.

Could you please advise me on this? As is evident from your resume that you also have a prior military experience, you will understand my case better. Looking forward for your advice and further instructions.

Krishna K
Ahmedabad, INDIA


thanks for calling me the other day, I called the number on the billboard. I talked with a gentleman name Bryan. I faxed him a copy of my resume. That was yesterday, today I called him to see if he had received it. He said that he did but was to busy to look at it, so I left it at that.

I have sent a lot of resumes out as you can see. If you get some free time send me some more information about work. I really need this job, I get on the web every night. If you know someone that is looking for a good rig welder, please send them my way. Thanks for the help and advice, maybe one day, I will get to meet you in person.

PS. Between you and I, I need this job!!!!!!!

Thanks for everything,
Earl B
Citrus Springs, FL, USA

While I'm at it I'd like to say thanks for the refreshing site. This is the first site I have come across (and I've visited a bunch) with straight forward dope on how it is. No B---S--- or bells and whistles just plain good stuff.

I'm sure I'd have no problems working with or for you (and I don't say that often on short notice even after I've actually met folks). I could be wrong but I don't think so. Even if I don't get on through you its nice to know there are folks like you out there. You had more information in your introduction than most have in the whole deal they offer!

Take care,
Al F
Sherman, NY, USA

Cheers, so very much have sorted it now!:) thanx for the info and ya site is great inspiration.

thanx again,
Robbie B
Cambridgeshire, ENGLAND

Dear Sir, I am currently working on the B.P. Bruce platform (North Sea)for Deutag U.K. as Drilling Instrument Tech. I have been working here for the past five years and I am now looking for a job overseas.

I would like to know if you have any overseas positions which suit my qualifications and experience. I have also sent you a copy of my resume for your perusal. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mark M
Ayrshire, SCOTLAND

Captain Ron,

Thanks for the feedback. I have looked your site over several times and found it to be the most informative of its type, that's why I signed up. Unfortunately your E-mail mistakenly identifies me as a 1600 Ton Captain, alas I am but a lowly 100 Tonner. I checked my resume page and I correctly entered 100 Tons. Please check again and hopefully the prospects will be as good for the lower Tonnage.

I have applied directly to many crew boat companies via E-mail, snail mail and phone calls. All have said the same thing, check back after the first of the year. This is very discouraging and I will probably join a yankee tug boat union (shudder) to get through till then. I am sick and tired of these yankee winters and would gladly sell a piece of my anatomy (a small piece) for the opportunity to get back down South.

I still have one more chance and that is with Tidewater. Their application came in the ail today and a friend of mine is a former employee of theirs He gave me the name of one of their Operations supervisors and I hope to parlay that into an interview.

ANY advice or suggestions to make sure I don't blow this last chance would be appreciated.

Mike S

Dear Captain Ron!

I'm back home and start job seeking again. Sir, I'd like to express my appreciations for your care and very helpful information. Thank You very much!

I have prepared updated resume (will be mailed soon) and also advised two my friends- chief engineers, known by mutual work on German ships, good professionals, to join Offshore.

The problem is that I am working by very tight schedule: three-four weeks home stay and two-three month at sea. With a lack of time is hard to do things well.

Local labour agencies are bureaucratic and dumb. The best they can offer is position of electrician on ship. That's why your help is very important and work in oil industry I see can be a good choice.

Have a great day, wishing you the best,
Georgiy M
Odessa, Black Sea, Ukraine

Capt Edward,

Thanks for your letter, I am very surprised to hear form you again, you have really shown concern in my career which I appreciate so much. Frankly, it is not easy to search for an offshore job without an assistance. I have since been battling in the search without any result yet.

As for your services I even don't know how to comment about it , If not the best then one of the best so for I have ever experience. Your rewritten chapter 14 is just wonderful.

Right from the beginning I realised that I was at the right place towards getting an offshore job. Though I cannot hire you, due to financial constraint. Yet I humbly write for your assistance and support to see me through this career. I have understood why you charge for your services and wish I could pay but, I am financially handicap. I am trying to pay for your subscription services so that you also do me favour by rewriting my resume professionally for me.

Hope to hear from you,
Isaac K


Thanks for giving me the latest information about offshore guides, so far i could not get any job but i am still trying to find one in diving field. About your service it is very good, i would not mind saying it is the best.

Thanking you,
ks k

Dear Cpt Ron

I have come across a web site called Joboil. com / and they promise that they can get you work in the oil Ind. with in 90 days. What is the chance that I pay all that money and never hear from them again? I have heard of so many people that has fallen in that trap.

Thanks a lot for a great web site. In the 10 month that I am looking for work in the Oil Ind. you're web site was the most informing one off all that I came across. Thanks for all the info

Your Sincerely,
Albert K

Thanx for the mail Mr. Ron.

My search for an offshore job has been on for quite some time now! Fortunately while browsing, on the net, I came across this wonderful Guide  of yours! Hey thanx a lot for starting such a helpful service! Now because of ur site I am hopeful of getting a good job soon!

Thanx again!
babu b

Hey Ron,

You've got quite an impressive service going - keep up the good work. Yep, and hope i strike gold through offshore guides.

Have a nice day,
Ian A







Cpt. Ron,

Thanks for your last inquire about my job status. To briefly update you, i was hired by a seismic exploration company in Calgary Wolf Survey & Mapping in August.

I have been very busy since then, training in seismic field surveys, GPS pack operations and helicopter insertions. This lasted about two weeks after which i have been employed as a regular field team member in seismic surveys.

A big part of the training stressed safety procedures due to the inherent risks involved, particularly helicopter operations, bear wareness and other health and safety issues and ensuring all safety tickets were up-to-date.

We have standards to meet in data quality, quality control and equipment maintenance, troubleshooting technical problems and dealing with whatever the field conditions / terrain can throw at us.

To conclude things are going well with this company and i will post an updated resume as soon as I am able. Hopefully this will give me a firm standing in onshore/offshore opportunities in the oilfield/gas/ natural resources sector.

Sean G

Cpt. Ron,

First, I would like to let you know what a help your website has been. I am relocating the first week in October in high hopes of attaining employment on an offshore oil rig.

Your site was by far the most helpful in getting me started in gaining knowledge about this career field. I registered my resume with you over a week ago. I logged on several times in the following two days, and my resume stayed in pending status. I would appreciate you looking into this for me.

Thank you,
Jeff S

Capt Ron

Thank you for your helping to try and find a job for me on the Oilrigs, I appreciate it very much to try and help me. I just want to state it will only be me that will come over when I get work Offshore. My family will stay in South  Africa until we decide to go over. I am willing to work up in the North Sea also as I said previously I have family living in The Netherlands.

We are still working a 4 Day week and I am working at the Panelbeater on Mondays, to earn some more extra money. Also I will know this week if I can work at a Truck Engineering Company where they extend and shorten Truck Chassis, to improve even more my Welding skills.

Then I can work on Sundays also to earn more extra money and experience. I am looking forward to receive your New Handbook that you are busy with at this stage. Send it to me as soon as you have completed it.

Capt Ron ask the Oil Companies how much more extra work I must get to convince them that I am serious about work? I accept that I have no experience but does this not show them that I am willing to learn and that I want to work and not to fool around?

If they are serious about hiring people put me with an experienced person for two weeks and see what I can do after that with the training and observation I have done with my eyes.

I am like a Racing Driver I can push myself to the limit. Capt Ron please try and help me.

Thank you,
Cornelius T

Dear Cpt. RonThanks for the GREAT web site. I love the humor you slip in between good info and serious advice. I just hope at 40 and with only a machining background, I'm not considered "too old". Take care and thanks again...

Martin L

Hello Capt,

Don't care for the rigs at all. Worked on a few back in the 70's & 80's.Very nasty & greasey. don't mean to sound like I'm picky but never did care for the grease. Would be willing to work hook up work on production platform or pilings on jackets

Have be experienced in both. But prefer the old pipelines that's where the money is. Anyway keep me posted on your site as active and will sit tight and see what happens. Inspection work is still going good for now. So let the good times roll.


Dear Captain Ron,

thank you for your prompt reply. I have started researching as your information advised. I am very uplifted about seeking offshore work and thank you for the initial path.

I will keep you posted on my progress. I already have a few companies to contact and as you suggested my "bags" are already packed.

Angel R

Dear Ron,

How are you doing?. It's been 2 long years since I first wrote to you. Thanks for staying in touch. And thanks a lot for all your help in sending me the links.

What I have come to know is their is no free service in the world. There are so many so called hot jobs available, where people are needed desperately. I have sent my CVs to all of them but no response. It seems no body bothers to read your CV unless there is Premium Placement.

Captain, could you do me a favour and see if there are any urgent requirements around for offshore medic and safetyman. Please let me know how to go about sending the money as I am unable to "log on". I am sending my updated CV as an attachment just FYI, will paste it once I am able to log on. Thanks and cheers.

Sincerely yours,
Dr Satish

Hi Capt. Ron

Once again you rose above expectation by contacting me with your news letter and better yet personalizing it by asking how I was doing .

I want to thank you for that and let you know how appreciative that makes one feel in searching for work and job assistance. I am currently unemployed and searching for work either aboard ship or platform as a chef or cook.

Again, thank you sincerely,
Darel M
McComb, MS, USA

Hello Captain Ron

After reading your website and obtaining the knowledge to go out and get a job in the offshore industry....within 5 short days I am going to work for my first offshore company!

thank you Captain Ron and your website,
Jason O
Spring Valley, CA, USA

Thanks for all your help, the web site is awesome. I have currently bought a hydrovac truck and am operating in Alberta, Canada. It has been none stop since I started the business one month ago, very happy about that.

Thanks again,
Steve P
Alberta, CANADA

Since we talked I went to work for Trans Texas Gas in Houston. I was recruited, hired and supervised by the VP of Operations. I was hired as Safety Engineer for their company. He was also the son-in-law of the owner.

It lasted 3 months. I came back from the field and my boss had been served divorce and termination papers the same day. My position was eliminated the next week. Since then I have went to work for a company called PT Patra of Jakarta, Indonesia. I am their shore based HSE Supt based in Balikpapn, Indonesia.

I have had several job offers in the past 3 months. I hope you are sucessfull in your efforts. If I should need your services I will not hesitate to contact you.

Bryan M
Nova Scotia, CANADA

good day sir, rcv ur mail yesterday n understood all the contents. thank you for your good approach and all the work which your are trying to get hold for your clients. as myself still waiting for the reply from any of the employee. as for now i can say your service is excellent and this is the exact way to get people motivated as i know all around n in fact myself alone trying to change career after a long years of working with same kind of job. 

all the best on your up comings and keep up the good work on all the field your are trying to venture around.


good day sir,

rcv ur mail yesterday n understood all the contents. thank you for your good approach and all the work which your are trying to get hold for your clients.

for now i can say your service is excellent and this is the exact way to get people motivated as i know all around n in fact myself alone trying to change career after long years of working with same kind of job.

all the best on your up comings and keep up the good work on all the field your are trying to venture around.

sarawanan k

Dear Capt.. Ron

Wow! I would just like to congratulate you on an EXCELLENT site, I will register and post my CV as soon as it is ready! I have been doing lots of research on the industry and on ways to get in as an outsider. Your site has helped me more in one day than two months of rigorous research. Congratulations and keep it up! Soon to be rig bound South African.

Ettienne K

Dear Capt Ron,

Thank you for your correspondence, and your personal support.

I have registered with the job sites that you recommended - and spend regular time finding more links, sites, and advertisers. (I remain stuck between politics in the South African marine industry, STCW, and USCG requirements.) I now aim more for trainee rig manager.

Perseverance is the key!

All the best with your site - you remain the only one I know of who gives personal service.

Yours aye,
Abraham M
Richards Bay, SOUTH AFRICA


Well thanks,

I am still with Ensco working on there ENSCO 7501 Design as a Staff Member. I do not want to work as a Staff Member and therefore are still keeping my eye open for some Consulting work. I sure hope I will find something soon.

I have been relocated by Ensco to Houston and work for them at the OCEAN DESIGN Office at 11111 Richmond. Take care and have a nice day.

Wolfgang S

Captain Ron, (1st letter)

My husband has been looking for offshore employment for the past 10 months. At every chance we get we have sent out a letter with the resume as an attachment. We very rarely got a reply. You can imagine my amazement when told that the attachment doesn't open so most of our resumes, probably as many as 100 of them, were sent to the recycle bin.

We now use your online resume and yes we have had replies, not robot mail, but applications for employment!!!!!

Thank you Ron for all your help. Your online resumes really work, and it is nice to know that they open every time and they don't all end up in the trash.

Hi Ron, (2nd letter)

How's it going? I just wanted to let you know that after sending out your online resume we have had a few replies telling us that they were impressed and will be keeping Paul on file, Noble in U.K has sent an employment application form and so has PAC in houston which is a recruiting firm for offshore rigs. We also have an application from Grey Wolf.

I have to say that although they aren't job offers they are better than any robot mail or postcard we had received earlier (when we were using our old resume). I am still getting much enjoyment out of your message board. I see Santa Claus returned to rub it in once again.

For the first time in a long time Paul and I feel as though things are looking up for him as far as offshore employment goes. Before this we were feeling very deflated about the whole experience Keep up all the good work Ron,

P.S Have you checked out the site 

Lisa and Paul
Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Dear Cpt. Ron,

I (finally) received the full refund from oilcareer this week. I wouldn�t have reached this far without your guidance and kind support. Thank you very much for all your help.

Best regards,
David B

I wrote you several weeks back inquiring about employment (for my husband) on 'offshore'. I accessed an 'offshore chat' group and was able to learn from one of the participants - certain web sites to contact. I did as this person was suggesting to another -- and faxed my husband's resume to them ("offshore catering company).

Within TWO weeks he received a phone call from Human Resources and they have faxed the company's application. Once he has filled out the application - they want him to FAX it back to them - at which time they will schedule an interview for him.

His background: trained cook/chef.

Just thought I would pass this information on to you.

Georgia F

Thanks Capt.

Well, since I've been away for a few years, I'm not sure how things are. Have to ask my friends back home.

My plan is to contact the companies here and get a job back home so they can send me there to work. I have started contacting some already using your web site. It's been very helpful indeed!

Mid� S

Hello Ron,

Mark here was glad to find your website again. Thank you for your help in re-doing my cv it made a difference. I used the and got taken, not one of my cv's was ever sent out as promised. The man Matt H lied to me.

I have been working in Kazakhstan doing some HSE and just got home. Thought I lost you on the website. Yes Matt H tried to increase my exposure by having me pay more but it was too good to be true.

I called some of the oil companies on his list he stated that received my cv but they never heard of me nor his website Take care but I do need your services to update my cv again.

Mark F
Port Richey, FL, USA

Dear Ron,

My name is Ryan Hague and I am a 20 year old from Vernon, BC, Canada. I have been trying to search everywhere for offshore employment opportunities. I continue to fail to find any companies whom will talk to me personally, and I know I will not succeed unless I am able to talk to someone. I have a little oilfield experience working on a service rig in Alberta, Canada.

Although I would like you to write a resume for me at present time I cannot afford it. Currently it is spring break up here and neither myself nor my friends or co-workers are in the field. 

Anyhow, I realize you are not going to write a resume for me for free so I was wondering if you could maybe point me into a direction of a hiring personal. I have a great ability to talk to people verbally and truly believe if I were to talk to them I would have a much greater chance of employment.

I do have some experience with fire fighting, first aid, electrical wiring, and of course hard working. I also have tickets including h2s, whimis, tdg, and air brakes.

Please sir, there is no way I can make you believe that all I want to do is work. And I love the oil industry and will travel anywhere I have to. If there is any other way I can give you the money at a later date or another way of transaction I will be forever indebted to you.

I will attach my resume at the slim chance that you have another way. Thank you for your time. My apologies for making this sound like a sob story.

Ryan H


I am from Yugoslavia (Serbia). In my country there are many people who would like to work in oil related business. Your Offshore Guide is very educative. With your permission, I would like to translate it and put on my free-visit Web Site. I hope to hear from you soon.

Darko M

Dear Cpt. Ron,

I have been ripped off by that lot in Canada - you did send an email reminding us all about them "New Ventures" or something like that. I can't seem to find the url to register a complaint against them with my credit card company. They have ripped me off over �200 sterling and I have nothing to show for it at all.

Kind regards,
Tom W
Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND

Dear Mister Ron

At first, I`m very sorry for my silence. And I`m sorry for my poor english too. I don`t have internet in my home computer, but I hope it is not for long. The operator in company, where I created my e-mail, said, that my mail box is empty. Thanks for Good, I understand to check my box myself.

I norrowly read your letters and understood, that it is very many dishonest peoples in the world. I would like to thanks you for warning. I live in the Lithuania, in the beautyfull place near the Baltic see. Lithuania is respublic of young democracy.

Ten years ago my motherland get back her independence and ours peoples wants to become valued. Some peoples from foreign countries thinks, that we like monkeys in the jungle. It`s very hurt full feeling.

Since moment, when I created my e-mail box, I got very many various offers from not  oil companys. I think, that my mail box visited computer hachers, because I got letters from Post office. You don`t even imagine what offers like I got.

They are Greece, Italy, Russian, Germany and Lithuanian companys. I got offer to become the prostitute too. I got e-mail from too. Like you said, their page and newsletter gives the impresion for me.

The keynot in their letter was "You get what you pay for!" The paymant was 97$. Thanks to you, I save my money. I think, your service is very good, becouse you experience in this busines makes impression.

I am looking for simple job in oil companys, who is not so far from my motherland. For example, in North or Norvegian sea. I think, another places will be very expensive for me, becouse all my earning will get away for return tickets. Or I am wrong?

Your attention to me is very thoughtful. Well, Mister Ron, I hope, you will  understand my wishes and will help my. I`m sorry for my english over again. I`m learning this language now. Thanks and have a happy Easter!


We followed up on the jobs we applied for on your site, but never heard anything. Don't get disheartened about all the other web sites out there telling everyone how easy it is to get an offshore job. The thing is we won't know what they are like until we try them and then we'll learn from our mistakes.

I very rarely return to a site which sends out robot mail and that is about 95% of them. I like to know there is a real person behind the scenes, hopefully someone who can speak from experience.

We had another couple of mail replies today saying thank you for your enquiry, etc. One said they were impressed with Pauls resume and would keep it for future reference, one was a postcard that obviously everyone gets as they didn't bother to call him by name.

The advice we have had so far is - he won't get on offshore unless he is at least a derrickman or AD, try to get offshore Aussie and then apply for international work once he is a Driller, post a resume as a web page so companies will find it with search and link it to a couple of oilfield pages.

Paul's toolusher here has just scored a job O.S with Parker or someone. He said he'd give Paul a list of companies and contacts!! Hope he comes through Don't give up on the site Ron, it's people like you, with you knowledge, know how, advice and enthusiasm that keeps people like us going.

We always come back to your site whether it's to check the jobs, go to the links, read the handbook, check the message board. You're one of the good guys where your advice is free and your site isn't full of bullshit promises that can't be kept.

We'll keep slogging away, something will have to give sooner or later. Maybe people don't follow up on their leads, but that is their problem not yours, all you can do is advise them. Thank you for extending the subscription service.


Dear Ron

Thanks for the encouraging e-mail. You are about the only person who checks back to see what's happening - the rest all promise to but never do! I have been browsing the internet for some months now and I have submitted my resume to numerous sites that promise at least a response from potential employers.

To date I have only received TWO phone calls in SIX months from employers who were looking for an experienced welder and an experienced fitter - neither of which is me!

I have all but given up submitting my resume and searching for that elusive entry level position. I even completed an offshore survival and fire fighting course, at the recommendation of the first employers reply I received, in an attempt to make myself more employable.

Now that I have the 'basic requirement' I seem to only come across advertisements for jobs that require experience. All I'm looking for is  an entry level job - anywhere in the world, and I mean anywhere. I have no obligations or responsibilities in South Africa and am free to travel to even the most remote site!

Please help me to find something, soon. I am beyond desperate and as I said have all but given up hope of ever finding employment in the offshore oil industry. Any suggestions, assistance or referals will be greatly appreciated.

Yours 'desperately',
Andrew G

Mr. Ron Edwards,

you are a really kind person, I feel that you are a person for well, God is great and knows the persons that must be rewarded, I wish you the whole good of the world.

As I have written in my first letter, a lot sets electronics received by the, kind where they wax insults, was with a virus allegato, ill virus has burnt me many times in my Personal Computer.

In fact, in that date I had not installed on my PC what I have been able to recover it is what I had saved in a briefcase that the technician that he has mended the PC he has succeeded in saving.

Waiting to reread one yours pleasant answer, footstep to greet.

P.S. You have to excuse me of my non perfect English, I don't speak well English, in fact I make to help from a program of translation that I have installed on my PC.

A Regard,

Dear Ron Edwards,

Thank you for kindly answering me. I like very much receiving your letters because they are personally addressed and I feel there is a human being at the other side.

To be honest, I'm Svetlozar's wife. He is a very busy man and doesn't have time to search Internet. That's why I do everything for him and some of his friends.

I would like to tell you that it was quite difficult for me to reach your site. I've been searching Internet for three month. First I came across They flooded my e-mail with various letters and ads and I had to change my server and e-mail address respectively.

There are many highly skilled sailors/seamen who would like to apply for a job, but we are not very confident yet. Bulgarians need work permits to work abroad. That's why I'm not sure there will be an employer to contact my husband. If this happens, I'll post other CVs. Thanks again for your friendly attitude and service.

Best regards,
Daniela M

I want to thank you for communicating with me in such a personal fashion. Makes doing business seems not so much like business. I enjoy getting your newsletters and emails and hope to find a challenge in the near future.

Chris F

Mr Edwards:

This is the first time I have done any research on the net and as you can see from my resume I have experience on land rigs and have not as yet been contacted by any other companies on the net. I have been offered a position to train roughneck's but would much rather get on offshore in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland.

I thank you for your respond and look forward to hearing from you again. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tony C

Hi Ron

I received your email to say that my resume is active. Your site is really superb, and very helpful and well put together, it is the best site of it's kind.


I just wanted to start off by apologizing for coming on a little strong in my last e-mail. I realized this is not an easy task to find potential employers offshore who are interested in my qualifications.

If you can understand I spent two years in college for this stuff and I have been drilling for another two years. I wish someone would just let me prove myself. With the knowledge and experience I have gained I know I can take that and adapt to drilling offshore.

I do consider myself a quick learner and I've already proved that with my present employer. I was running my own drill within a month after being hired. I really want to work offshore, is there anything you can do for me?

Chris B
Ontario, CANADA

I have found your service to be every thing you said and more. I believe after reading several posts on the message board some people think all they have to do is subscribe to your service and the jobs will come to them. I think of your site as a very direct link to oil companies and know it is my responsibility to pursue the available contacts and send my resume to possible employers.

I not only applied for the jobs listed on your site but also I try to get several ph # each night and call companies each day I have found some companies seem like it makes them mad that a person calls them wanting to work for them, others are quite helpful and happy to receive resume's. I am making list of companies that are helpful and forgetting the ones that are not as I will never work for them.

thats all for now,
Matt G
Monterey, TN, USA

Thanks for your input, checked the jobs section for my second perusal.  I'm away in the Timor Sea for the week for a semi sub shift, roads/planes/ helicopters.

Just doing the right thing by your data base. By the way for reference, I`ve seen a seismic 2nd mates slot on the Marineforce site. Mainly they say "for residence, only". I`ve a UK Passport, I told them I could be in the UK in 48 hours ready for start-up.

Anyway thanks Cap`n,
Peter F

My name is Michael Brett, I`m a licensed Chief engineer. I am currently working for Edison Chouest. I am scheduled to talk at the local high school tommorow about offshore employment opportunities. Your hand book is just what the doctor ordered!!

If you dont mind I have printed it out and will take it with me for my presentation tommorow. Great job!! Thank you.

With regards,
Michael B
Cut Off, LA, USA

Mr. Ron Edwards,

My apologies for my outburst the other day. I was getting you mixed up with someone else.

As you may have guessed, I have been having a rather a frustrating time recently with web sites which, for "commercial" reasons, do not perform the way they are supposed to do, or do not deliver what they initially promise.

As this does not apply to your site, please accept my apologies.

I appreciate your efforts in trying to resolve the problems that I have been having trying to "log on" to your site.

I guess I will just have to take it on trust that my CV is there, somewhere, and hope that I get a response.

Many thanks,
Robert H

Hello Ron

I would like to thank you and congratulate you on your site.

I read your Handbook and have learned a great deal about the oil industry and working in it. Your handbook is the most informative and intelligent site I have visited.

I will not bore you with my situation, but needless to say I am looking for a Job that pays people well for working hard and doing jobs that the majority will not do.

I live in England and I am looking into the offshore industry amongst others industries to provide me and my family with A decent income. Your handbook has probably steered me away from offshore work, as at tender age of thirty, I don't want start at the bottom of any ladder again, although the skills I have may not imply that.

By the way I have been searching for 'offshore Web sites' for some time and English or British sites appear to be non existent. This may be of use to you.

For your amazement: In your handbook you say "Its a wonder gas isn't $5.00 a gallon" . Over here in Britain Gas is nearly $7.00 a gallon. A packet of cigarettes is $6.00. As you can see there are a few reasons for needing to earn good money. Again I congratulate you on your site.

Gavin L

Captain Ron

Thank you for your email chastising me for an incomplete resume. I have duly completed said resume and send it to you for your critic. Please let me know what you think.

Kevin B

I want to congratulate you on this site. It is the best and most informative site I have encountered in months of searching. If I would have found this sooner I believe 1000% that I would have been working.

I would like to know two things. 1. What is the average entry level wage for in offshore positions seafood or otherwise? 2nd how much do you charge upon employment?

Thank you and as I have remarked this is a wonderful site and promise to pass on this site to any interested persons.

Julian C

HI Ron:
Thanks for your reply on my questions... I did e-mail Paul but he won't return an e-mail. I am going to try him again to see if he will direct me to someone else if he is too busy... My questions are not the end of the world. It it would be nice to know the amount of cash an operator makes.

Whatever... I guess I would find these things out if I got an interview, eh? Paul's company does not accept resumes, just application forms. What's up with that?

In the next few days when I am at home I will give you a call, I have a few questions about joining some other recruiters, I want your opinion on this first. Thanks again Ron.. You always come thru...

Bobby D
Alberta, CANADA

Thanks Ron,

What else do I need to do before you can make me active?

I can't believe I actually found a site where the info is current and they actually respond to email!!!!!!!! Have come over to the UK now to do construction work and save enough money to go up to Aberdeen and look for some courses to do.

Thanks for this great website, keep it up,
Nick N
Kwazulu Natal, SOUTH AFRICA




Dear Ron,

Hello, How are you doing. Got your mail when i was aboard the rig Trident-02. Sorry for the delay in replying. 

I got a mail from your website asking to resubmitt the resume. I have done that and now am keeping my fingers crossed. Lets hope for the best. 

And thanks once again for the encouragement in your last mail. (I am sending you my resume as an attachment to dispel any doubts about my qualifications). Thanks and cheers. I remain,

sincerely your's,
Mumbia, INDIA

Hi Ron!

I think that your offshore guides web site is the best there is and i hope that it will help me to get a job offshore. I have just been in contact with a friend in Norway and he told me that they are getting started to build two new oil rigs in Rostock and a new one is heading out in february.

Do you look at the resumes and say if they are god or bad? and if you do so, do you tell what you think is wrong with them?

Thanks again for a killer website!


Just like to say thanks for the information you sent . I found this site really helpful it is the best sight on offshore jobs so far. I am still looking for a job in the offshore field .

I have 16 years fishing tool experience and half of them are 200 to 250 miles off shore. For references i have 2 captain names working for company SEABASE MEARSK and 1 captain name working for ATLANTIC PILOT authority and 1 chief engineer and 2 good friends working with canada coast guard. I like to find out more information about seabase mearsk and coast guard.


Hello Sir. CAPITAIN,

I think YOU! DO! LEAV YOUR! LIFE! like real pirate, and YOU DO! ACT IN YOUR LIFE LIKE real gentelman.

I`ve read (whit wide open eyes) Your`s Offshore Guides and it was very exating and 100% useful for absolute beginer like me. You have 8 points from 10max. And You probably can easy gane this 2 points poting Your artist face at THE TOP CENTRAL PLACE RIGHT INFRONT the consumers eyes....

..... what I mean is that it took me 2 months to decide is this web side trusteble or it isjust a very nice writen fake info, apearing out there in the internet to pick lamers money.

:) sorry for my poor english and terific spelling :)Mr. Edward,
I am looking very activly for employment in offshore oil-gas company, without experience's requirements.PLEASE look at my resume

Radoslav N

Hi Ron,thanks for your mail. I'm not working at present, I've just finished a 6 month contract for Ensco in New Zealand and am looking for more work. I think your site is very good.

Glen S

Thanks for all your wisdom and no nonsense information. I choose too get a job on an oil rig for a lot of reasons...and I thank you every time I read and learn something new.

How wonderful,
Pamela A

Thanks for positive and quick response, Capt. Ron. The Advance course in handling of DP Vessels was completed at Houston with Kongsberg early this year. Indeed it cost a good amount of money.

How can you help now get the low rung DPO's job?

Capt. M
Stamford, CT, USA

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