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"The Complete Offshore Employment Handbook"


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Often copied but never duplicated, this exciting, one of a kind book is a must have for those wanting to "break into" the adventurous and high paying world of the offshore oil rigger. It also serves as an excellent guide for those seasoned with many years of offshore work.

Written from first hand experience, this publication tells it like it is and will get you to the heart of the matter like nothing else.

 "The Complete Offshore Employment Handbook" is offered as a FREE BONUS to those wanting direct access to offshore, oilfield and maritime companies that are now hiring!

Here are true stories from clients who found success by reading (and using) the information found in this one of a kind book...

Ron, thanks for following up,

I've done some contract work in South Africa and Angola through an agency, for Pride International. Pride has in the meantime contacted me and asked if I would like to work for them direct. So since May I have worked for Pride International on the new Kizomba A that is still under construction in Holland.

The Kizomba A is a TLP from Exxon Mobil that will operate in Angola block 15. This is quite a big TLP, it has provision for 36 well heads and Exxon Mobil expects 250,000 barrels of oil per day in full operation. We should start drilling by the end of December if every thing goes well.

Well that's it from me, and thanks again for a good website. If it wasn't for your website I would probably still be looking for work. Me and a friend of mine that I met on the rigs both did the same thing initially. We walked up to a rig that was standing in Cape Town harbor and told to the OIM that we wanted to work on the rig, in our relevant jobs, and we got it! (Chapter 14)

Pepe K


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for having a very useful and helpful site. Without your guide, I probably never would have gone through with getting a job offshore.

Although it wasn't easy, I just got my first job working offshore as a galleyhand. Nothing glamorous, but still. I thought I would use the rest of this email to tell how I did it, and how offshore guides helped.

First of all, a little about myself. I'm 24, and made it through 3 years of college as a math major. I never graduated, and got tired of the subject, so I decided it was time for a change.

I had a good savings, and was living in Kansas, where I grew up. After mailing many applications to offshore companies and receiving no response, I decided the easiest way to get a job would be to move down to Louisiana and get a job and an apartment. I always liked Louisiana for the food and culture, plus it's not that expensive to live there.

I have been living in Lafayette for about a month, and I saw an ad for  Universal Sodexho, a large offshore catering company. So I showed up late in the afternoon on a Thursday. I was in luck. The recruiter had no other people to deal with, since they had all showed up on a previous day.

So what would have been just filling out an application turned into a long interview and discussion about working offshore and the catering company. I filled out the application and other forms, and submitted a resume.

She said to check back in two weeks. So when the recruiter was in town again, I called her and she said to come in for a physical. I go to orientation tomorrow morning.

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. Although I found mailing applications to be useless, someone with extensive skills could get hired that way. Just going there is very successful, if you have the time and no attachments.

On a side note, when I went to take the physical, there was a mud engineer  and a tool pusher there for a check up too. I bet if I had just gone to the doctor's office and waited on any given day, I would have been able to get a job just by talking to someone. Kind of funny, eh?

I worked with Sodexho for the next six months, then took the money I'd saved, and went back to college. I'm now working on a Masters in Mathematics at Emporia State University. It was a good experience, and nothing I'll ever regret doing. Always wanted to see what it was like. I guess I just realized that I also have a gift for academics, so I decided to go that route.

Ben R
Lafayette, LA, USA

Hey Cpt!

It has been my ambition to start a rewarding career offshore for over a year now and i am coming to my wits end trying to get employed because there seems to be no one willing to give me my first chance. The ambition has grown even more but my drive to accomplish this is slowly going.

I recently, after some great consideration and help from your book, decided to take an offshore NEW START course which gave me an advantage as it gave me all the certificates needed to become a roustabout. All being paid for by myself must surely show that i am not only ready but confident in myself to make a career offshore but it is still not gaining me employment.

I have also tried a resume blasting approach through, and with a reasonable price thought that this was sure to get me noticed by at least one potential employer but it has not been the case. I have registered with 100,s of websites and personally phoned and mailed 100,s of companies myself but am still not getting noticed.

My resume is on your files but is still pending so could you please look it over and tell me if it is this what is causing me problems as i do not have any more ideas.

Your site is one of the best around and my sincere thanks go out to people like you for sharing information like this for free as there is to many scams asking for money out there. 

Speaking of scams could you please tell me if OILCAREERS.COM is a legitimate source for gaining employment or is it just another scam?

Please share anything which you think would be of use to me as i dont want to miss any chances.

Thank you,

Dear Sir

My name is David Cooper, i am a young, adventurous 21 year old South African who is always on the look out for exciting, WELL PAYING work opportunities. I came across your site the other day and have had a good look at your book. I must congratulate you on a very well laid-out, descriptive and most interesting publication.

I was wondering if you had a list of what the entry level jobs eg. BR, deck-hands etc. are averaging in terms of the pay, as well as positions which require more experience? Also what are the costs of living like when you are off work? Do oil companies provide accommodation? Is it possible to save a large proportion of your income?

On a final note I do have a hearing problem but wear hearing aids which bring it up to around normal would this be a major problem?

David C

First of all my last name is Roe.

I have been reading and re-reading your site for the past 3 days well I should say nights. Last week I called my aunt that lives in Louisiana and asked her if I could come down there and try to find a job and apartment. And she was the one that told me about working off-shore.

Since then I have posted my resume on your site and reading your site has been very helpful and it helped me understand what the heck people actually do out there. And with all the information I have taken in I wish I would have found this site along time ago. Well I am only nineteen but I think you get my picture.

I am leaving this Friday for Leesville, Louisiana January 10 for an interview with a offshore roustabout company. I will be putting your advice to work. When I get employed I will be sure to email you again to let you know how I did it, what worked for me and how I like my exciting new career.

And just to note I have searched the whole web for hours trying to find things on offshore jobs and your site was the only one that gave me any kind of real advice.

Joshua R
Normanville, PA, US

Hello Captain Ron,

I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity and advice that you show on your site. I have read about 90% of the literature that you provided and I am ready to take the steps that are needed to find employment in the offshore oil field

Thank You,
Ryan C
Lancaster, SC, USA

Dear Captain Ron,

I recently purchased your offshore guides handbook (ref7590968) and found it very informative and helpful. I am 23 and have been looking for a job in the offshore industry for about a year since I qualified as a plumber, but have been unsuccessful.

I know I can handle the stresses and hardships of the offshore industry but as you well know finding a job in the offshore searching by internet is often more trying than the work itself. I have spent over a hundred hours on the internet searching through sites and after being ripped off to the tune off 400 dollars I was not a happy camper.

You are the first honest person I have encountered on the net and I would like to know if you knew of any one who could get me any entry level position on board a rig be it a cleaner, galley-hand, painter br hand anything anywhere. This is all I have ever wanted to do.

I realize nothing is for free , but as I am looking at a long term career I would be more than willing to pay for your time and services.

My current job in South Africa does not pay much but I could offer you $ 300 on the day I receive a firm job offer and my first hitchs wages straight into your bank account (if that is possible). I don�t want to rip you off and I feel that it is a small price to pay for your obviously considerable knowledge of the industry. I am an honest hard working person and I promise you I will pay you. I am starting to feel like this is my last chance in this field of employers devoid of names and faces.

Yours Truly,
Jamey M


My name is  neal raphael serra. i studied in a place called BANGALORE in INDIA and since its not really near any coast not many of us have heard of offshore rigs. Until a year and a half ago when i was in my final year (chemical engineering) i had no ambitions in life whatsoever and the only thing i had in mind was that i was going to complete my course and get a job.

That was when i happened to stumble on your site on the net and on reading it i was so inspired that i instantly knew that the rigs was my calling, the job i am going to love for the rest of my life. I dont know if i'm going to get a job on the rigs or not but i just wanted to thank you for being my inspiration.

keep up the good work,
Bangalore, INDIA

Hello Ron

I would like to thank you and congratulate you on your site. I will not bore you with my situation, but needless to say I am looking for a Job that pays people well for working hard and doing jobs that the majority will not do.

I read your Handbook & have learned a great deal about the oil industry & working in it. Your handbook is the most informative and intelligent site I have visited.

Again I congratulate you on your site,
Gavin G

Capt. Ron,

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for your website. I'm not looking for a reply or anything I just believe in giving credit where it's due. You have done an excellent job here with the info and opportunities you provide.

A month ago I had never considered the oilfield/offshore as a place for me to work. At 36 yrs old I have spent most of my life in industrial maintenance primarily as an electrician, I've done a lot of wrenching too and have been a certified welder.

I found your website about 2 wks ago just nosing around the net because the offshore rotations (and pay) sounded interesting. Even before you posted my resume I found myself going back to reread what you had to offer almost every day.

I have read your manual twice and I think it's great! It's very informative and extremely interesting! I'll be honest, You make me want to jump on the next flight out to the patch.

Thanks to your willingness to share info/experiences I am making a diligent search to find a place I might fit into the industry.

This quick note I was going to leave you keeps growing but I must say one more thing. You've also inspired me to want to pen my own experiences if I could make them as interesting as yours. Thanks again from a homeboy up here in the east central part of Mississippi.

I might also let you know that I spend several weekends a year down there in Gulfport because I'm attached to a Navy Seabee unit there. Small world isn't it! My normal drill site is in Tuscaloosa, Al. though.

Ron I'm sorry this is so long but I'm a firm believer in feedback and you need to know who your reaching out here and what a benefit it is to us all.

Thanx again...............
Mike W
Columbus, MS, USA

Gdaftn dear captain Ron,

I completely hv read Your nice book, which gave me whole understanding, what hv to be done on the rig's and offshore. And I think very hardly to find good job in accord with my marine experience, the more so I Ukrainian Captain. Might be better to start my work from Chief officer rank on the Supply vessels or Anchor handling tugs? What do You think about it?

I hv several questions to You, such as: Were I can get special training, concerning work on the Supply vessel or ACHT? (So as, I am not US citizen, I can't get special training for example in Lafayette Regional Institute (Petroleum Rig Training) or in Louisiana Marine& Petroleum Industry (The Core Program).

Were I can find all commands, which using btw Rig and Supply vessel, terms, shorts and abrv? Were I could be read all about Supply vessel and work on them? What the best way I hv to use for searching good opportunities? Could You inform me abt several companies, who searching Captain or Chief officer for work on the Supply vessels? What to be done, if I haven't Green Card, but I hv US Visa?

By the way, in Success Stories I didn't find any Ukrainian or Russian name! Awaiting Your reply. Beforehand many thanks.

Captain O

Capt. Ron;

Thanks for your continued interest. I had written to you previously that I had gotten employment through the offshore guide. I am working in Iran and things are going really great. In fact there are several openings for safety personnel with H2S experience. Only problem is they can't be Canadian or American. This narrows the field quite a bit.

My resume is still the same as before. No updating required as this job will be good for at least a year. Thanks again for your help.

Bryan L
Alberta, CANADA

Capt. Ron,

This is a small thank you for publishing your handbook online for the rather unique career opportunities in the offshore oil industry. It has provided a wealth of information for me, and I hope it will serve me well in my attempts to enter the market.

By the way, I was referred to your very cool website by Martin at

My question is this ... I haven't seen it covered by either website, and it may present a problem for me: Can greenhands land a position if they have been convicted of a felony, in particular, a drug felony?

If so, what positions in the industry are they likely to obtain, or more importantly not ever obtain due to restrictions and requirements of the position (I have noticed several ads regarding background checks for drug felonies related to maritime positions, in particular)??

If you have any experience with this situation or know individuals who have been able to get into the industry with a felony background, any advice would greatly be appreciated. I understand drug screen requirements, which would not be a problem for me. However, I can't afford to waste any time and work pursuing this industry if companies have their hands tied with regards to hiring ex-drug felons.

Once more, thanks for building this wonderful site!!
Michael F

Capt Edward,

Thanks for your letter, I am very surprised to hear form you again, you have really shown concern in my career which I appreciate so much. Frankly, it is not easy to search for an offshore job without an assistance.

As for your services I even don't know how to comment about it , If not the best then one of the best so for I have ever experience. Your rewritten chapter 14 is just wonderful.

Right from the beginning I realised that I was at the right place towards getting an offshore job. Though I cannot hire you, due to financial constraint. Yet I humbly write for your assistance and support to see me through this career. I have understood why you charge for your services and wish I could pay but, I am financially handicap. I am trying to pay for your subscription services so that you also do me favour by rewriting my resume professionally for me.

Hope to hear from you,
Isaac K

Ron, I cant believe you forgot? I work for Transocean Sedco/Forex!!!!! I will be leaving for my third hitch soon. I love every minute of it.

Everything you say in your book is true! Finally I get to enjoy the luxury of spending TWO weeks off at the house, doing whatever I want to do. It is fun.

Airplane rides, helicopter rides, first class room service, bonuses, wal-mart cards, and lots of money-you just cant beat it. If anyone has a question please email me and ask.

Hello Ron

I would like to thank you and congratulate you on your site.

I read your Handbook & have learnt a great deal about the oil industry & working in it. Your handbook is the most informative and intelligent site I have visited.

I will not bore you with my situation, but needless to say I am looking for a Job that pays people well for working hard and doing jobs that the majority will not do.

I live in England and I am looking into the offshore industry amongst others industries to provide me and my family with A decent income. Your handbook has probably steered me away from offshore work, as at tender age of thirty, I don't want start at the bottom of any ladder again, although the skills I have may not imply that.

By the way I have been searching for 'offshore Web sites' for some time and English or British sites appear to be non existent. This may be of use to you.

For your amazement: In your handbook you say "Its a wonder gas isn't $5.00 a gallon" . Over here in Britain Gas is nearly $7.00 a gallon. A packet of cigarettes is $6.00. As you can see there are a few reasons for needing to earn good money. Again I congratulate you on your site.

Gavin Lee

My name is Michael Brett, I'm a licensed Chief engineer, working for Edison Chouest. I am scheduled to talk at the local high school tomorrow about offshore employment opportunities. Your hand book is just what the doctor ordered!!

If you don't mind I have printed it out and will take it with me for my presentation tomorrow.

Great job!! Thank you

With regards,
Michael B
Cut Off, LA, USA

Although I am not looking for work in this field myself, I would still like to congratulate you on a magnificent site. The Complete Offshore Employment Handbook by Ron Edwards makes it one of the most informative sites I have come across.

Please could you please tell me if someone at the age of 45 can still get a job on a rig? I am trying to find information for my father who lives in South Africa. He has been a diver for years, although not as a career, but is very fit and healthy for his age; and can do welding as well as handyman work.


The information you sent me has been very very useful to me. I have been searching for something in the dark, and you came and switch the light on for me and I could see where I was, and where everything else was, and most importantly how to get to where I want to be. For this I feel indebted to you !!

"Thank you again for the advice and all the information you gave me, I will keep you posted of any new developments."

Kind Regards,
Bongani V

Dear Ron,

I am writing to thank you for putting out the offshore handbook. I have searched the web for hours looking for offshore material till I found Offshore Guides. Your book is really comprehensive. It gave me that initial insight about the offshore oil field. Now I am eager to gather information from your Offshore Guide.

My name is Mindaugas Ubis. I am 20 years young man from Lithuania. I am looking for a job offshore, for something different and adventurous experience in my life. I thought to contact you first and listen to experienced oil man's advice. I am looking for any advice that would lead me to the right direction.

You helped many people to find an oil job. You also probably get lots of inquires every day. Are my chances reduced to get an offshore job as I am not USA resident? I have no previous offshore experience, but I have worked in construction field since childhood. I have good hands and mind. Every job I do is done with my whole heart and in detail.

There is a roustabout position to work 28/28 rotation in Arctic posted on your site. Is it still available? How could I contact that company? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mindaugas U

Hi Ron

Yes, several years ago I got your offshore guide, went to Houston TX, hired on with Global Marine as a safety rep working 14/14 in the Gulf, starting at $2200 per month. Your website looks great, better than before.

John B

Mr Ronson

After receiving email concerning the above, I have decided to order the Maritime Directory. If possible please advise on estimated time of delivery.

Thank You,
Stefan K

Hello Sir. CAPITAIN,

I think YOU DO LIVE YOUR  LIFE LIKE A REAL PIRATE! and YOU DO ACT IN YOUR LIFE LIKE real gentleman. I've read (with wide open eyes) your Offshore Guides and it was very exciting and 100% useful for absolute beginner like me.

You have 8 points from 10max and you probably can easy gain this 2 points posting your artist face at THE TOP CENTRAL PLACE RIGHT IN FRONT of consumers eyes....

..... what I mean is that it took me 2 months to decide is this web side trustable or it is just a very nice written fake info, appearing out there in the internet to pick lamers money.

:) sorry for my poor english and terific spelling :)

I am looking very actively for employment in offshore oil-gas company, without experience requirements. PLEASE look at my resume a.

Radoslav N

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