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Cover Letters - Priming the Pump

Many job seekers today are tempted to skip the cover letter. Think twice before doing so. The cover letter is just as important as the resumé. For first time entry-level applicants, individuals seeking a career change or seasoned professionals with years of experience, well written cover letter is a must.

Of the many resumés we critique every week applying for offshore oil rig jobs, only a small number include a cover letter, and most of those leave a lot to be desired. Including a well written cover letter is a very easy way to get ahead of your competition (which there is a lot of). When employers look at resumés, this is the process they use:

  • They look to see if your experience, abilities, skills and education match their job requirements.
  • If so, they look to see if you are a reliable person with a good work history.

The application / hiring process goes like this:

  1. A company has several ads posted for various positions.
  2. They receive an enormous number of resumés / job applications for each ad.
  3. Once they have picked out the candidates having the proper qualifications, they start looking at your personal presentation. How well do you present yourself? The ones making the best presentations go to the top of the list, sometimes even before those with better experience, education, skills, etc.

This is not rocket science. The number of people looking for offshore oil rig jobs has gone up 7 fold in the last nine months. Most of these folks are hard working, dedicated men and women with a lot to offer. And most are doomed to failure because they are not using the proper industry procedures when applying for employment. The worst thing you can do in your job hunt is to use an outdated or poorly written resumé with no cover letter. Having a professionally written cover letter will provide you with an insider opportunity that others do not have.

Regardless of what anyone else says, (unless you have an inside connection that will hook you up), there are three basic things you need to get a job offshore. If you have them, and are persistent, eventually you will get hired. If you do not have them, I doubt you will ever hear from anyone. Here they are:

  1. A positive, never give up, do what ever it takes attitude
  2. A winning cover letter / resumé combination
  3. A reliable contact list of companies that are NOW HIRING for current and future offshore oil rig job needs

The main ingredient of the cover letter is "SELL" When you apply for a job you are "selling yourself" as to why your skills, abilities, education and experience should be considered above all others. I've found most people work better than they write. Because I have many years experience in writing job getting cover letters and resumés, I can "SELL YOU" to an employer better than you can.

Having an outstanding, professionally written cover letter / resumé package is the best way known to put serious distance between you and your competition. Remember, everything else being equal the consideration is going to the one who presents themselves in the most professional manner.

Think of a house for sale. Most house hunters will judge the house by what it looks like from the road. Realtors call it curb appeal. The house may be ideal on the inside. BUT if the front looks run down and neglected, buyers won't even bother walking through the front door.

The majority of the cover letters and resumés I see have a run down, neglected look and don't produce much more than a lot of frustration for the owner. People work better than they write. In my 30 plus years of providing this service, I have seen, read and thrown away thousands of different types of cover letters and resumés because they did not represent the person for the professional they are.

After much trial and error, I developed a method where I can take your skills, abilities, experience, education, goals, determination and motivation and, adding the element of "SELL", produce a document that will get you hired!

Finally, a cover letter is a little window into your personality that provides the offshore job recruiter a better look as to what you are all about. A good cover letter will suggest to an employer, "I'm going to interview this person; they sound like just the kind of person we are looking for."

Professional writing of this nature is not an easy thing to do which is why I recommend you hire us. It amazes me today, with all the software, web sites, blogs and so on about "do it yourself resumé writing", you would think job seekers would have their act together in writing a simple cover letter and resumé. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this just does not seem to be the case.

  • Our professional cover letter combination package will get you more and better job offers than what you are now using - guaranteed or we will rewrite it for FREE!

If you just need a cover letter, click on the order link below and you'll be taken to my secure, 100% risk-free trial order page that will summarize what you are purchasing. You can pay by credit card, pay pal, online check, or western union.

I recommend you go for the extended professional package as you get (in addition to the resumé) a winning cover letter, word document & PDF versions, a personal resumé CD

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